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*** Please Note ***

This game is still in development - This is simply a demo. Please enjoy and be sure to leave feedback. Thank you!

Duck Boy is a 2-d action platformer adventure game inspired by the classics, Like Zelda II and The Battle for Olympus.  Controlling Duck Boy, you'll navigate the mysterious land of Avenis on a personal quest for treasure and glory!

Armed with an ancestral knife, a worn treasure map, and his trusty Call, Duckboy will have to run, jump, and fight his way past dangerous enemies and areas alike. Metroidvania elements put a focus on discovery and exploration as Duck Boy navigates his way around this strange and forbidden land. Combined with a classic-feeling difficulty, you'll need a sharp eye and clever problem solving skills to survive. Each enemy Duck Boy encounters fights in a unique fashion, demanding an adaptable strategy and quick reflexes. 

Crisp pixel-art and a limited color pallet invoke a sense of nostalgia. Created with this in mind, a retro-game feel is incorporated into every part of the game's design. Do you have what it takes to unearth the mysteries of Avenis? Will you lead Duck Boy to the valor of his birthright? Or will you fall like the many who have come before you? 

Duck Boy features controller support - and is in fact the encouraged way to play:

D-pad/left control stick - movement 

D-pad up/down - look up/down 

A/X - jump

X/Square - attack

B/circle - throwing knife

Y/L-bumper/Triangle/L1 - Dash

R-bumper/R1 - Ready Call

start/options - pause/map/song list

Controls can be viewed at anytime from the pause screen.

NOTE: At this time the below Demo isnt very representative of the final game - I've been pretty hard at work and plan on updating the demo soon. You may still download and enjoy but the game has come a long way since then!

Music created by: Travis Valois, @taddiestales


Duck Boy Demo.zip 40 MB

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That final boss killed me multiple times but I overall enjoyed this game. It was absolutely beautiful and I hope to see more despite my poor platforming skills.


Thanks so much for playing! It makes me very happy to see someone who isn't into platformers try Duck Boy, seriously, I was cheering for you when you finally whooped the boss. You're playthrough had me grinning the entire time. 

Thank you so much for watching! I had a lot of fun with it!

the bg traps sometimes blend to well whit the bg it can be complicated for noobs where to go next since bg blends very well whit the area elements on where to jump or not the controls work very well here is my run no boss damage 

Thanks for the feedback! great job on the playthrough too! Keyboard controls are something that are still being considered at this time, I realize alot of people dont like using the arrow keys and to be honest the "WASD" setup was rushed. Controller is the best way to play the game.

Really great job and thanks for recording your playthrough!


The pixelart is AMAZING!

I love the feel of the game so much, the green-white-dark_green palette combined with the soundtrack makes it a great gaming experience!

And well, the sounds of dying goose will haunt me forever I guess. :D 

(Also I didnt seem to find a fullscreen option, did I miss it or is it not yet implemented in the game ?)

Anyway, keep up the good work! Can't wait for the full game to come out! (and I am yet to finish the demo)


Thanks for the kind words! no fullscreen option yet - i was running into alot of issues with the CRT effect so it's something i'll have to iron out. This is going to be implemented though

Thanks for playing!


I love the art style! Keyboard controls are a bit weird, but you get used to it.

Thanks! Keyboard controls are on the docket for fixin'!


I just love this! fabulos!

Thank you!


It's a nice and cool game, although the direction we must go is kinda confusing, similar to Castlevania, but in Castlevania there are a lot of new and interesting things to do, so even though you're lost, you still feels interested. I recommend playing Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow for reference.

Also for a demo, its kinda too long. But that's okay.

Thanks for the play and the feedback! Love both those games btw, fantastic titles

Indeed they are. Shame they didn't publish the series anymore.

indeed - also just an FYI - walking through the checkpoints saves the game! if you hit "Continue" from the main menu next time you boot up youll start back at the last checkpoint - would love to see what you think of the boss :)

Oh it did? Well, I'll give it a try then. Still kinda confused on where I should go.


Done. I've met the boss.

great job! Thanks for going back and finishing it up, not sure if you realized it but jumping + dashing over the boss' horizontal laser is a great way to extend your air time instead of just trying to jump over it. Either way you were practically a pro at that fight by the 7th time! 

Oh. I forgot about that. Just like I keep forgetting that I can dash through spikes....

7th times though.....

Well, nice game anyway.


i loved your game <3 its cute

Thank you so much! 



Thanks for the play!